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"This is A Big Change For Me Now DeAnna"

I feel very dominant and powerful right now as a man. This is a big change for me DeAnna. The tone and responses that women are suddenly taking to me with this new attitude is… Wow. That’s all I can say right now. I’m going to just enjoy this high ;)
~Jeremy, 38 Software Engineer

"Never Thought In My Wildest Dreams This Would Happen"

 3 months ago, I couldn't even look any girl in the eye to save my life. My life has gone through a complete 360 and now I can approach and talk to any women without fear. Never thought in my wildest dreams this would happen... but I met the most awesome women who is not only drop dead gorgeous but a super nerd just like me. 
~ Len, 34 Developer

 "Picked Up Two Of The Most Beautiful Women That I Have Ever Seen"

DeAnna, just wanted to let you know I picked-up several very attractive women while on vacation last week. Tashalani and Amy are HUGE wins for me, as they are two of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen or met. Both of whom, beauty-wise, can hold their own against any supermodel on the planet. And Wednesday night I had amazing sex with Amy. This would NEVER have happened 3 months ago before I started your coaching program, not even in my wildest dreams. I don’t know how you do it DeAnna but you are a serious magic maker!
~ Leon, 36 Real Estate Developer

"The Girl Who Teaches This Kickboxing Class Is Super Hot..."

The Authentic Attraction system is AWESOME. This girl who teaches this kickboxing class is super hot and I’ve had a crush on her for months. She has really been responding to the alpha communication; clear decision making, and commands I’ve been learning through the club. She has remarked that she finds me handsome, a man who is confident and knows what he wants and goes for what he wants. I never would have had the balls to ask her out before this and not we’re going on our 2nd date on Friday! 
~ Frank - 32 - Account Manager