tinder and bumble cheat sheet



In today’s modern digital dating jungle, dating apps like Tinder, Match.com, okCupid, Bumble and Facebook has open up new opportunities for you to connect and meet women online.

The competition online is fierce so getting started with online dating does come with it’s online challenges.

As there are many dating apps out there, the goal of this post is to take you from zero matches to 10 matches per week using Tinder and Bumble.

Oh and if you decide that you wanna take it to the next level with this post, I’ve got a FREE check list that accompanies this cheat sheet with more swipe files right here.

So if you’re ready… let’s dive in!


DeAnna & Alex

Are the founders of Authentic Attraction Club - an online men's dating and lifestyle club. DeAnna is a world renowned dating coach who the media calls upon to give modern dating advice to men and women. Alex aka Mr X, the elusive behind the scenes coach who develops sensual and psychological tactics that makes the ladies swoon.