4 reasons why men should be on online dating sites



Not actively online dating yet?

Taking a break from it because you weren’t getting much success in it?

Tried it off and on with frustrating results so you’re ready to say “Screw it! It just doesn’t work for me!”?

Well, I got news for you. I’m here to tell you that, despite whatever negative or even annoying experiences you’ve had in the past…

Online Dating DOES work.

I have dozens beyond dozens of coaching clients that have met their amazing girlfriends on it. I personally have met most of my boyfriends from it, my clients get a combined THOUSANDS of dates from it.

And it should be a mandatory venue that ALL guys should be on to meet women, coupled with your offline dating venues.

But, without the right strategy, understanding of how online dating really works and how to “rig” the system… then yes it can be unsuccessful.

Here Are 4 Reasons WHY you really should put the effort in online dating sites…

and learn how to MASTER the process.

REASON #1: Because nearly ALL women are on Online Dating sites and apps.

Think about it, when you go fishing, you need to go fishing where the fish are right? In order to get women, you gotta go where the women are!

These women are looking for casual flings, friends with benefits, casual relationships and serious committed relationships so you best be there too.

REASON #2: It’s essentially rejection-free and embarrassment-free zone.

Rather than having to take all that energy, effort and courage to approach a girl IN person…

Walk up to her all tongue-tied, nervous as you attempt to talk to her and ask her out, risking potential public rejection and embarrassment, you have the luxury of “approaching” women at your own convenience, behind a computer screen where you are safe.

And you already have the perfectly crafted, perfectly witty messages to send to these girls (well, if you’re naturally witty and smart – or you’ve got our f’cking AWESOME Digital Attraction course set, aka your “Secret Weapon” 😉 )

REASON #3:  It’s a great way to improve your “Approaching skills” and “Flirting skills”.

If you can’t succeed in the online dating world, it’s going to be even WAY more rough and challenging for you to meet and approach women offline at places like bars, grocery stores and events in your everyday life.

I see the same patterns all the time even with my own clients. They were splitting hair and throwing out the towel on the online dating scene because they’re just not getting any matches or results…

So I decided to just buckle down, take a few months and create a completely comprehensive online digital dating course for my own clients, loaded with the best and most up-to-date online dating secrets for guys.

I give them my Digital Attraction course which allows them to master an online dating strategy with powerful guaranteed-to-respond email templates.

With this guide, they start winning and finally seeing women responding to their messages more and going on dates – they start feeling more confident, their virtual “approaching” skills start “clicking,” and their ability to approach women OFFLINE starts improving too.

REASON #4: If you’re not a big fan of bars and noisy clubs or you don’t have a big social group of friends to go out with…

And you’re just not really the “going out to the bars to troll for women” type – or you’re just over the damn thing.

Or if you’re a busy guy who works long hours, doesn’t have a whole lot of free time, or you’re just not into the whole bar and social scene, then online dating is DEFINITELY for you.

That’s going to have to be your #1 strategy actually, since you’re limiting your pool of women greatly already by not having a big social nightlife.

It should be mandatory then to get your butt on multiple online dating sites, and take the little extra effort to make it WORK for you – and turn it into a well-oiled, chick-generating machine!


If you haven’t had much success with your online dating time before, then it doesn’t mean that online dating doesn’t work – it DOES work.

My clients can vouch for this, you’ve just been going about it the wrong way and without the proper strategy and messages. There are certain words you can use in your messages to trigger a ladie’s response and make them reply to your messages here. 

To learn more about how to attract really beautiful women, willing to do ANYTHING to please you… by using just your phone and the internet, watch the video below.

DeAnna & Alex

Are the founders of Authentic Attraction Club - an online men's dating and lifestyle club. DeAnna is a world renowned dating coach who the media calls upon to give modern dating advice to men and women. Alex aka Mr X, the elusive behind the scenes coach who develops sensual and psychological tactics that makes the ladies swoon.

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